14 Ox Hill 1214 Ox Hill 614 Ox Hill 10SEAL HARBOR - Ox Ledge was SOLD recently by The Knowles Company.  We would like to extend congratulations to the buyers, sellers and brokers.

To see a video of this property click HERE.

Welcome to The Knowles Company One Summit Road
Northeast Harbor, Maine

Each year The Knowles Company hosts a Holiday Open House for our friends, associates, and community members. This year's celebration will be held from 11am to 4pm on Friday, December 4. Please stop by to say hi, enjoy some holiday music, grab some delicious food, and meet your neighbors. As you can see from the following photos, it is one of our favorite events and is a lot of fun!


So you want to live on the water? What does that mean to you? For some people, especially here in Maine, it means oceanfront. For others it may mean lakefront and some are not picky, they just want water, even a stream will do! Obviously the cost of buying a lakefront home might be much less than that of a shorefront home, especially if you intend to buy a “camp”—what we Mainers call a seasonal cottage on a lake or pond. Will this be your primary residence or a summer getaway? Do you have a boat? A yacht? A kayak or canoe? I’ll tell you one thing, if you plan to swim you might want to stick with a home on a lake or pond; the ocean temperatures around Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbor, Maine, rarely get above 62 degrees Fahrenheit…and that’s in AUGUST! These are all things you might consider before searching for waterfront property, but there are many more things to think about.

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