Whether buying your first property or your tenth, obtaining the best representation to navigate all the way through the process is important. The Knowles Company starts by working with you, the buyer, to thoroughly understand your interests and needs. We will carefully explain how exclusive representation most completely serves a buyer’s needs, and build a solid relationship of trust. Among our team of 12 brokers you will find a variety of backgrounds and experiences and a professional that will suit your style and meet your requirements. Your Knowles broker will then research thoroughly and work diligently to find just the right property for you, and will represent your best interests throughout the process – straight through a successful closing.

Knowledge of the area, experience in negotiation and attention to detail – your Knowles broker uses all of these to your advantage in obtaining the property of your choice.

The secret of our enduring success is integrity with an unsurpassed level of attention to our clients' and customers’ needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss current market conditions with you and plan the best course of action for you – whether you are considering buying, renting or listing a home on Mount Desert Island or the surrounding area.

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